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Licensed Esthetician, Wax Specialist, & Owner

Wax specialist for 13 years, the length of my daughter’s entire life! 

Due to my experience with a Fortune 500 waxing company, I can perform services in ½ the time as the industry standard. For example, a Brazilian in 15 minutes (or less!) or a full leg in 25. More important than speed, I make something that has the potential to be awful, into a pleasant experience!

I ultimately found the corporate environment didn’t allow me to blossom to who I knew I could become. It was a numbers game for them, but I always believed that if you sincerely give your time & attention to whoever is in your business, the numbers come on their own. I knew I wanted to build a genuine culture of love, & the desire for self-care out of self-love, not vanity. This includes what we do to ourselves on the inside! Our bodies are our temples & we should treat ourselves like the goddesses or the adonis men that we are!

 In 2014 - Gaia Waxing Studio was born. And like Gaia, the Greek goddess of the earth, we only use plant-based, natural ingredients on our clients.

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