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Frequently Asked Questions

There is some discomfort, but it is never as bad as clients are expecting, The hard wax used only adheres to the hair. There is less of a pull on the skin, which decreases the pain. We walk you through how to breathe & talk you through the whole process. It’s over before you know it!

You need a quarter of an inch to get a clean wax, which equates to 7-10 days without shaving.

Bikini - This covers just inside of where the outside of the bikini or underwear would lay,

Bikini Full - This varies depending on the client’s preferences but does not include the strip up the back. Leave a strip, or triangle, or remove everything from the front.

Brazilian - All of the hair in the front & up the back to the “butt strip”. You also have the option of leaving a strip or triangle, but the labia is waxed.

Not A Problem! Personal piercings will not interfere or cause irritation with the waxing procedure.

It takes 3 weeks for the hair to be long enough to wax again. This schedule is ideal & will make the hair soft, fine & significantly reduced over time!

Skin stays smoother, longer when you have unwanted hair removed by a well-trained Esthetician. Regrowth is slower & softer, not irritating than shaving. A smooth body makes your skin look more firm, your muscles more defined, & are inviting to touch. We cover all men’s waxing, head to toe!

To avoid ingrown hairs, wait 24-48 hours before exfoliating the waxed area. We suggest exfoliating 2-3 times a week for best results. Apply our Epilixir Ingrown Oil every day. Consistency is key! 

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