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Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian is a must-have for any woman who is fed up with shaving, razor burn, and the awful itch that can come as shaved hair returns. 

This service removes all hair in the intimate area, including the labia and buttocks, leaving you feeling confident and clean. Waxing results are long-lasting. You can achieve up to two full weeks of no hair, with a consistent waxing schedule. Plus the hair is significantly reduced over time!

Extended: Front of the vaginal area, always includes labia & butt strip (approx. 5 finger width on either side into the inner thigh where necessary). May leave strip or some hair, if client prefers.

Deluxe: Wax Specialist will be thorough in the removal of all hairs in the "boxer brief" sized area including labia, 5 finger distance into inner thigh, hip, butt & any hairs hiding in the crease under the bottom where razors can be dangerous, and are often missed. May leave strip, triangle or similar, if client prefers in pelvic area. First time clients will receive the recommended skincare kit (Goddess Trio) for the prevention of ingrown hairs, at no additional charge.

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