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Face Waxing

Face Waxing

Full Face Wax: All hair will be removed from the hairline down the front of the throat, including an expert shaping and trimming of the brows to your unique face shape. 

Brow Shaping Wax: Above and below the brow, trimmed and shaped to your own unique brow bone & face shape.

Lip Wax: Waxing the upper lip from smile line to smile line.

Chin Wax: Below the lip, under the curve of the chin bone, and across the front of the throat. 

Cheeks Wax: Area over the cheek bone down to jaw line.

Nose Wax: Inside of the nose and around the nostrils. 

Side-burns Wax: Top of the cheekbone, parallel to the temple, down and around behind the jawline. 

Ears Wax: Any hair protruding from the canal and around the ear. 

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