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Everybody Waxing

Everybody Waxing

Underarms: Waxing under the arms (AKA the armpits)

Inner Thigh: The entire area beyond the bikini line, where thigh chafing occurs.

Full Butt: Inner and Outer glutes (cheeks)

Butt Strip: Three finger widths on inner glutes where hygiene is most important.

Stomach Strip: Line of hair from belly button to bikini line. One strip's width. Often affectionately known as "the happy trail."

Half Legs: Top of knee down, OR bottom of knee up to bikini line.

Full Legs: Top of thigh down to feet. Does not include the bikini line.

Full Arms: Top of Shoulder down to hands.

Half Arms: Above the Elbow & down to the hands. Or Below the Elbow & to the top of the shoulders.

Neck: Back of the Neck, where a barber would razor down to the skin, around to just below the ears. 

Stomach: Top of the Rib Cage down to the start of the pelvic bone.

Shoulder: Shoulder and around, including the area between the collar bone and top of the scapula. 

Back: The bottom of the neck, parallel to the collar bone, down to the top of the glutes.

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