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Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Before experiencing the Vagenie's true alchemy, I was skeptical of how it could be better than my normal routine of shaving and also, how I could feel comfortable with a stranger headed south for the fina are of woman-scaping, but let me tell you, it was the best decision that I have made, and she is no longer a stranger!

I have been so open about getting waxed with men and women...maybe more than I should be, but I feel so good about how I feel and my self esteem is through the roof... the song "walking on sunshine," plays as I walk, a little taller..and hairless, out of the doors of my self-care sanctuary.  Gaia Waxing is the Temple that rejuvenates my body and soul.

Being a strong, independent woman is not at the top of the "to teach" list. Being a mom, a wife, a grade A student, a stellar employee...that is all taught, and told to us. What we, in the cocktail of life, forget about, is that we are women, and we are  a human being. When I hear "how to be a woman," I don't think of perfecting a hot dish, or being the first one at the pick up line at school. I think of my self-care. I think "how can I make myself feel good so it resonates throughout the rest of my day" so I can greet my child with a smile on my face and have less background noise going on in my head, so I can take on inconveniences that happen without that feeling of doom. I go to Gaia, so I can.

Gaia is more than waxing. It's a rejuvenating, therapeutic, beauty session. Literally a diary session. Imagine it. You are getting your brows perfected, or the lotus landscaped, and all the while you're in deep conversation with your Genie about the day's hardships, a psycho ex, or where your next vacation is. Once your session is over, you're exiting with less stress,less hair and a whole he** of a lot more confidence.

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