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Three Key Benefits of Monthly Massages

Cultures and humans around the world have utilized massages for several hundred years, and we can probably all agree that massage feels great and is great for things like recovery!


Here are the three main benefits of getting monthly massages.


1. Manage Anxiety and Stress


A significant portion of studies has concluded that massage is instrumental in reducing stress. Many studies revealed that patients suffering from anxiety who receive massage therapy show a significant reduction in anxiety symptoms. There have been some debates as to why anxiety is reduced by a massage, but researchers tend to find that the “feel good” chemicals – dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins that the body typically releases both during and after a body massage is the source of this improvement. Other studies have also found that patients that make sure to regularly get a massage by their therapist on average report significantly less stress.


2. Muscle Relaxation


Other than managing anxiety and stress, massage therapy is a great and effective way to relax sore muscles. It doesn’t matter if the soreness of the muscles stems from an intense workout or maybe just sitting in front of the computer all day. In this case, there’s nothing better for general pain relief than getting a great sports body massage. In the modern world with sitting desktops, phones, and laptops, we often carry so much tension in our neck and back muscles. These muscle groups especially require good treatments on a monthly basis.


3. Increase Blood Flow and Circulation


In order for our muscles and organs to function and heal, they need oxygen. Therefore this is actually one of the main benefits of getting a good massage since it stimulates blood flow. Good massage therapy aids in the process of providing oxygen and other important nutrients to our blood. As a result of this, it helps with reducing back pain, healing sore muscles, and, e.g., super beneficial for your overall health and well-being. The more consistently you get your massage, the better the benefits are.



So, there you have our take on the three most important benefits of getting a massage on a regular basis. While this was just a list of the three most important benefits, it is important to remember that there are many others. These include lower back pain relief, an improved mood, reduced symptoms with fibromyalgia, improved sleeping habits, and much more. As you can hear, it is pretty clear that there are a ton of different benefits connected with getting a massage on a consistent basis.


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