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The goddess Gaia was worshipped in the famous cultural era of Ancient Greece. Gaia is the Greek Goddess of the Earth and is considered the mother of all life. To put it simply, Gaia is life.
In Ancient Greece, Gaia was worshipped as the mother, nurturer and giver of life. Through her powers, Gaia created everything and is a goddess who offers life, beauty and nourishment to all of her children. There have been many variations of Gaia throughout history, but to the Greeks, Gaia was the ultimate goddess with unlimited and raw power. Before Gaia, there was nothing but Chaos. Everything was in chaos and the primordial needed landscaping in order to take form. It was at this crucial point in history of time that Gaia arrived. Gaia gave chaos and the formless structure, and the Earth was the result. From this, Gaia became the Earth. She created all forms of landscape, creatures and plants.
Though her story is filled with ups and downs, Gaia continues to be a symbol of the possibility of creating something extraordinary and beautiful from anything.

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In Roman mythology, Gaia was known as Tellus or Terra and was still seen as a goddess personifying the Earth. The names Tellus Mater and Terra Mater both translate to “Mother Earth” in Latin; Mater is a title bestowed on other goddesses.

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To this day Gaia is still present and always filled with infinite love.  A few ways to be present with her and acknowledge all of the beauty that she has created can be through the amazing and beautiful wonders of the earth.


Because of this, Chrystina used her inspiration of the Gaia Goddess to create beauty everywhere she goes.


Chrystina attended The International School of Skin & Nailcare in Atlanta, GA. She discovered that the world of beauty delves deeper than the cosmetic concerns one may have with their skin & she fell in love with the world of wax!

After obtaining her Esthetics license in 2010, Chrystina worked for a Medi-spa where she explored Microdermabrasion & laser hair removal & then ended up at European Wax Centers waxing full time.
After 4 years with EWC in Atlanta, GA, Naperville, IL & Chicago, IL, Chrystina decided to come back to her roots & open Gaia Waxing in Dubuque, IA in 2014.

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Service for the gods

Three core elements create the ultimate experience fit for Greek royalty.

Professional Technique - Our clinically tested technique and quality hard wax will give you the most pleasant wax experience available.

Unmatched Service - Gaia Waxing offers quality service and convenience. We cater to your busy schedule and have appointment times available from morning to evening. Most services, including the Brazilian, only take 15 minutes.

All Natural Ingredients - Studies show that 60% of what put our skin gets absorbed into it. With that in mind. Gaia waxing has made a commitment to only allow the purest ingredients to touch your skin.

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