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Plasma Skin Tightening and Lifting or Plasma Fibroblast is a non-evasive revolutionary treatment alternative to surgery or botox treatments. Plasma achieves similar results without the risks, pain, and downtime of traditional surgery. There is also a cost-benefit in comparison to traditional methods. The plasma sublimation effect causes an instant contraction of the tissue, eliminating wrinkles and sagging skin. This allows us to eliminate or reduce the excess tissue that causes wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks, acne, skin tags, moles, and even scarring. This energy is applied to the skin in the form of micro charges that sublimate the skin at a very superficial level. Finally, a beauty treatment more affordable and for the person on the go. Please schedule your appointment at 630.808.3310 for a consultation.

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A small handheld device emits an arc of plasma energy transmitted to the skin in a non-contact way. During brief exposure to the skin’s surface a small number of epidemial cells are removed by way of sublimation: the process of turning a matter directly from a solid to a gas. The targeted tissue is instantly tightened without damage to the surrounding area or deeper tissue layers. Energy exposure is repeated in a dot like grid pattern across the skin surface.

As we age overtime our bodies produce a collagen type III that replaces collagen type 1 from our youthful days. Through Plasma treatment the skin increases white blood cells to begin repair surface tissue damage and recreating lots of nice and healthy collagen type I, The treatment forms fresh new surface skin, removes cellular trash, releases growth factors, increases skin elasticity and increases the thickness of skin.

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The areas exposed to plasma energy will form small thin carbon crusts on the surface of the skin. These will naturally dry up and fall off in approximately 1 to 3 weeks. This is depending on certain health issues and medicines, or the size of area being treated, which may delay results in some clients. There is no downtime in this treatment.

Now Booking PLASMA Skin Tightening Appointments in Iowa
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Plasma skin tightening therapy is a superficial treatment, meaning no injections and no incisions. A lidocaine based numbing cream is used to minimize discomfort during treatment.
There is no official downtime associated with plasma skin therapy. Most daily activities may be resumed with caution and care to the treated area for the first five to ten days. As soon as carbon crusts have naturally shed all range of activities may be resumed.

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Most clients see improvements immediately after the procedure. The treated area will continue to tighten over the following eight weeks.

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Clients will be asked to complete a consent form and a brief medical questionnaire to determine disqualifying conditions.

For more information, please download the resource below full guide of common conditions that oppose PLASMA Therapy services


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