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Brazilian Waxing Guide - Difference Between Bikini, Full Bikini, and Brazilian Waxing

Whether you are a first-time waxer or an experienced pro, there can still be confusion between the different styles of Brazilian waxing. In Brazilian waxing, there are many different types of styles that hinge on personal preference and desired appearance. While the style of Brazilian waxing is based on personal preference, it is still important to know your preferred style. There are three main styles of Brazilian waxing and those are a bikini wax, a bikini full wax, and a Brazilian wax.

There are a few key differences between a bikini, bikini full, and Brazilian wax.


  1. Bikini Wax

A bikini wax is great for first-time waxers or those who might be apprehensive about receiving a Brazilian wax. This is the most modest option in terms of Brazilian waxing. In a bikini wax, the hair along the sides of the thighs in the top area along the bikini line is removed. Your waxer will remove hair right along the panty line. A bikini wax will tidy up the area and ensures no body hair sneaks out without your permission.

2. Full Bikini Wax

The bikini full is the perfect in-between wax for those who want more than just the bikini line, but may not want to fully commit to a Brazilian wax. The bikini for lets you take more hair off the front area. You may also choose to leave a small strip or triangle to add a design to your bikini full wax. With a bikini wax, you are able to request more or less hair off as you see fit. The full bikini wax does not include the butt strip, unlike the Brazilian wax


3. Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian wax is the most popular option for bikini area waxes. Aside from the aesthetic benefit of a Brazilian wax, there are also many other benefits to maintaining a Brazilian wax routine such as exfoliation, finer hair, smoother skin, and less irritation. The Brazilian goes from the front area of the bikini line all the way to the back with an added butt strip. The purpose of the Brazilian is to leave no visible hairs behind. Depending on your preferences you may choose to leave a small strip or take off all of the hair.


Depending on your personal preferences (and your current bravery level,) you may choose to stick with a monthly routine of one specific type of wax or vary your waxing style month to month. Now that you understand the different types of bikini waxes you will be better informed during your booking process. 

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