A. There is some discomfort, but it is never as bad as clients are expecting.

  • The hard wax used only adheres to the hair so there is less of a pull on the skin, which decreases the pain.

A. You need a quarter of an inch to get a clean wax, which equates to 7-10 days with out shaving.

A. A regular waxing can achieve two full weeks of no hair.

  • The 3rd week the hair grows in slowly & still remains significantly less noticeable; softer than razor regrowth. Even with a brand new waxer, the regrowth can begin well into week 2.

A. Your cycle has no effect on your ability to wax so long as you use a fresh tampon, or alternative. (ie. Instead cup, Diva cup, etc.)

Bikini: This covers just inside of where panties would lay, on the inner thigh & across the top.

Brazilian: All of the hair in the front & up the back to the “butt strip”. You also have the option of leaving a strip or triangle, but labia are waxed.

  1. Not a problem! I have performed hundreds of services for women with those personal piercings.
  1. Not at all! I perform hundreds of Brazilians a month & over 15,000 in my career. This is a hygienic & professional service. I take pride in knowing I make it as comfortable as possible for you!