About Us

Gaia Waxing thrives with an understanding of the benefits of all natural ingredients as well as a passion for Waxing. More and more of the world we live in is about profit and convenience. Unfortunately, when you mix the two, companies often take shortcuts in either the quality of what they produce or the safety of the ingredients in which they choose to use. As we all know, what is put onto our skin ends up in it, so we adhere to a strict policy of earth derived products from start to finish.

Love Your Skin

Gaia Waxing believes that if you want the best from your skin then you must put only the best into it, and that doesn’t have to be expensive! Most of our products are locally sourced and those that aren’t are extensively researched for purity and quality and only purchased when the prices are fair.

Most of all Esthetics addresses the science of how skin behaves and the ability to manipulate that behavior to your advantage. The exfoliation benefits of waxing remove the limits of a “chest-up” approach to skincare. Hair removal, exfoliation, and the very best ingredients available allow Chrystina to use her expertise to cultivate youthful skin.

Made with Passion…

Chrystina’s passion for the world of skin care began while getting her hair done at a local salon. She witnessed the Esthetician doing a make-up application on a client and inquired as to the certifications required. As a result, something happened in that conversation that sparked a curiosity into the world of Esthetics. While attending The International School of Skin & Nail care in Atlanta, GA, she discovered that the world of beauty delves deeper than the cosmetic concerns one may have with their skin.

Touched with Love

Chrystina has an ardent love of anything skincare related. She began her Esthetic career in a Med-Spa offering a range of medical grade facial services designed to induce rejuvenating and prominent changes to the face by way of chemical peels and microdermabrasion. At the time waxing was just an add-on service, but she quickly discovered that she had a talented eye for brow shaping and creating a comfortable wax experience no matter the service.

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